Earn $5 to $10 Dollars(usd) from Surveys

Internet creates vast opportunities for online work. don't worry you do not need special education or skills. Just you need internet connected device (mobile/computer) and daily leisure time. In this article we will discuss about How to earn money by taking surveys, Most trusted online earning survey websites ? You can earn $1 to $10 dollar(usd) per survey.

Make $5 to $10 Dollars(USD) Per Survey

Answer surveys earn extra money in your spare time at home and without any investment. You can earn $1 to $10 dollars a survey. We will discuss about some legit survey websites and how to make dollars from paid surveys at home. Any individual can participate on surveys to earn money. Minimum requirement to take surveys your age should be above 15 years, you have mobile device and computer with active internet connection.

You can also take online paid surveys to get gift cards on available denomination $5 and $10 dollars. Exchange your earned points with gift cards. There are various types of gift cards available such as Amazon, Skrill and Paypal gift cards. Fill up online paid surveys to win gift cards.

Use your gift card to buy things on ecommerce sites online, get cash by redeem your gift card and sell your gift card for cash.


Ysense is a oldest and most trusted survey website for earning money. You will get paid for answering surveys, completing offers and affiliate program. Earning is depend on cost of the survey, completed offers, bonus, how many referrals you have. You can earn easily earn $5 dollars(usd) by answering surveys. Cashout your Ysense earning with paypal and skrill. Minimum cashout for skrill $5.05 usd and for paypal $10 Dollars. Ysense is available in many countries.

You can also get free gift cards by using your Ysense balance. Available gift cards denomination $5 to $100 dollars.

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2. SwagBucks

Swagbucks is a another best survey website and its platform is easy to use and user-friendly for taking surveys. The minimum cashout $ 10 instantly on your paypal account. You can redeem amazon giftcards or cashout vai paypal using you sb points. The minimum paypal gift card start from $ 10.

You can earn money from swagbucks by completing surveys. You can earn money as swagbucks SB points. 100 swagbucks is equivalent to $ 1.

Usually swagbucks pay $ 1.00 to $ 5.00 usd for answering a survey. You will get 2 to 5 surveys.

Swagbucks available gift cards denomination $5 to $100 dollars.


3. NEOBUX Surveys

Neobux is a trusted PTC(paid to click) and Online Survey website. Neobux earn from answering surveys $ 5.00 dollars a survey. Neobux provide instant withdraw with your prefered payment method. Everyday you will gate 2 to 5 surveys.

You can make your first cashout after your balance threshold reaches $ 2 usd then it increase by 1 dollars until it reaches a fixed amount 10 dollars after that your minimum cashout is $10. The cashout is instant vai paypal, skrill, neteller and airtm.


4.Branded Surveys

Brander Surveys is new survey legit sites thats pay much for answering survey. You can earn $2 to $10 per survey. Buy gift card or withdraw cash using you branded survey earned money. Minimum withdraw for paypal is $5 dollars(usd) or 500 points and gift cards. Branded survey does not allow registration from IIndia, Sri Lanka and other tier 2 countries.

Exchange you Branded survey points to get gift card. Branded survey available gift cards denomination $5 dollars.


5.MyPoints Surveys

MyPoints is a survey website thats pay you every time completing a survey. Earn $10 dollars gift cards by using cashout mypoint balance. It is a legit website. Share your opinion and answer paid survey to get extra income. MyPoints dose not allow registration from India, Pakistan and other tier 2 countries.

Mypoint available gift cards denomination $10 dollars.


6. MOBROG Surveys

MOBROG provide surveys in market and social research data. MOBROG surveys is available for all country. Earn $5 dollars or more a survey in MOBROG and earn free gift cards and cash by taking surveys in MOBROG.

Available gift card for MOBROG.

7. TellWut

TellWut is a trusted and legitimate survey site. Take TellWut surveys to get free gift cards. To get Maximum number of surveys update your profile such as financial information, your location, job type, your family members...etc. Earn $10 dollars or gift cards and cash by taking TellWut surveys.

TellWut gift card denominations $10 to $100 and Available gift cards:

8. PointClub

Pointclub pay you for taking paid surveys and playing game online. Get bonus 5000 points instantly after confirm your signup email. 1000 Pointclub points is equivalent to $1 dollars. PointClub PointPlus is only available for USA residents.

Earn $25 dollars or more gift card and cash by taking surveys in Pointclub. Minimum Withdraw $25 dollars vai gift card or cash. Available gift cards.

9. SurveYeah

Surveyeah provide higher number of surveys. Get new surveys directly in your registered email id. 10 SurveYeah point is equivalent to $1 dollars. Earn $10 dollars gift card and cash by taking surveys in SurveyYeah. Earn $5 or more per survey in Surveyeah.

Surveyeah has 2 millions registered users, available in many countries. Update your profile to get maximum number of surveys.

Gift Card available in Surveyeah.

10. SurveytoEarn

Surveytoearn is available in 22 countries. Take 2 days to confirm your registration and there after you able to take surveys in Surveytoearn. Get survey invitation in your email. Surveytoearn minimum withdraw threshold $12.50. Earn $1 to $5 dollars per survey with Surveytoearn.

11. PureProfile

Pureprofile ia a online survey community. PureProfile pay you by answering paid surveys online. Your personal information will safe with PureProfile. Set your survey profile such your interest, hobbies, life style, annual salary...etc. Your personal information is secure with PureProfile.

Withdraw your profile earning by PayPal and Gift Cards. Minimum cashout $20 for (AU, NZ), $10 for (SG, US), and 10 for (UK).

PureProfile SignUp

12. SurveyBell

Signup and create your profile to receive paid surveys by your interest. Receive SurveyBell paid surveys directly to email inbox. Earn $10 amazon gift card by completing surveys.

Average Surveys duration 5 to 25 minutes. Available more than 30 countries like India, USA, Germany, UK and others.

Withdraw Surveybell earning by PayPal and Amazon gift card. SurveyBell minimum cashout $10 dollars.

SurveyBell SignUp

13. CinchBucks

Signup with Facebook and Google and Get signup bonus of 50 CB to your account. Win amazon, google play gift cards by by answering surveys, watching videos and completing offers. 100 CinchBucks is equivalent to $1 dollar. Earn $5 to $10 dollars from CinchBucks surveys.

You can also take surveys on your smart phone (Android and IOS) by using CinchBucks mobile application.

Withdraw options are available vai PayPal, Google Pay and Amazon Gift Cards and minimum cashout $10.

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14. Qmee

Qmee is a survey site was founded in 2012 to provide earning opportunity to individuals. Earning opportunity for students, workers. Till date Qmee has been paid million of dollars to its users. Share your opinion about a brand or service, cashback on products to earn qmee cash reward. Update your profile to get best surveys related to your profile.

Qmee mobile application is available for Android and IOS. Qmee browser extension available for desktop users. Qmee pay you $5 to $10 per survey.

Qmee pay you vai PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards and Minimum cashout for gift cards $5 dollars.

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15. ZapSurveys

n zapsurveys you can earn gift cards by playing games, taking surveys, shopping..etc. It is a new survey site and growing. ZapSurveys give you $5 dollars for your first survey. Interactive user interface for mobile and computer devices.

ZapSurveys pay you vai papal and amazon Gift Cards.

ZapSurveys SignUp

16. TimeBucks

Timebucks provide multiple way to earn $1 to $5 dollars amazon and other popular gift cards online by paid surveys, playing games, micro task, app testing..etc. Timebucks user interface is very simple for taking surveys. Get 1 dollar bonus when you sign up with timebucks.

Timebucks pay you vai PayPal, Payeer, AirTM, bank transfer, Virtual Visa, and Skrill Gift Card. When you reach minimum threshold of $10 Timebucks automatically pay you every Tuesday.

TimeBucks SignUp

17. PaidWork

Paidwork is available for every country. and paidwork support on every device mobile, computer and tablet. Get free amazon and other gift cards of $10 by taking surveys, completing offers, playing games, watching videos and completing small jobs. Earn $5 dollars by paidwork surveys.

PaidWork pay you by PayPal, Payoneer and Amazon Gift Cards. PaidWork minimum threshold $10.

PaidWork SignUp

18. SurveyTime

Surveytime is the best site to win free gift cards by taking surveys. Make 5 to 10 dollars per survey by taking surveys in Surveytime. Surveytime does not have any minimum withdraw amount. Every survey is rewarded with $1 dollars and Surveytime is global. You can directly login with Social media platform Facebook and Google.

SurveyTime pay you vai Paypal and amazon, apple, google play Gift Cards. SurveyTime has no withdraw limit. SurveyTime SignUp

19. OpinionOutpost

Give opinion about a product or service in OpinionOutpost and you will rewarded for that. OpinionOutpost does not disclose your personal data with third party. In OpinionOutpost You will get highest paid surveys.

Payout your OpinionOutpost earning by paypal, master card and amazon gift card. Earn $1 to $5 dollars per survey on OpinionOutpost. Minimum withdraw amount $5 dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions about online surveys.

Surveys Sites That Pay 100 Dollars

Earn $100 dollars only by filling surveys it is not practical task. But you can earn 100 dollars by taking multiple surveys in multiple survey sites, earn 100 dollars or more from affiliate program and earn 100 dollars by completing offers in survey sites.

In my opinion Ysense and TellWut were the best survey site which pay 100 dollars or more by filling up surveys, by affiliate program, and by completing offers. Ysense paying since 2007 and it is a reliable site. Many people earn $100 or more dollars from ysense by taking surveys and ysense affiliate program. You can easily earn $10 from Ysense surveys. Ysense minimum withdraw threshold $5 dollars.

TellWut is another legitimate survey site which pay $100 for taking surveys, completing offers and affiliate program. Minimum cashout for TellWut is $10 dollars. It is most trusted and legitimate site.

Reliable Surveys to Earn Money

In this article i provided some best and reliable online survey sites like ysense, swagbucks, toluna. These survey sites review and ratings are excellent and they pay their users on time. In my opinion Ysense is most reliable survey site and minimum cashout is very low compare to other survey sites.

Is inbox dollars legit?

Yes inboxdollars is a legit paid survey site. Inboxdollars pay its user on time vai PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards.

Is toluna a legit website?

Yes toluna is a legitimate and reliable paid survey site which pay its users on time. Toluna has excellent review and rating in trustpilot. Toluna single survey earning $1 to $5 dollar.

Is online paid survey sites legit and safe?

Yes survey sites are legit and safe. Look some parameters when taking surveys. Check reviews and rating of a survey site, If survey site asking for money then that site is fraud because survey site does not ask for payment. Generally survey site require your basic information like:

Is swagbucks legit and safe?

Swagbucks is a secure, safe and legitimate paid survey website. Swagbucks pay its users honestly. Swagbucks has million of users and the number is increasing. Swagbucks pay vai paypal or redeem your swagbucks SB in gift cards. Remember swagbucks never ask its users to pay for surveys.

Swagbucks paid over $25 million dollars to its users. Swagbucks take 2 to 3 days to release your payment.

What is the highest paying survey sites?

Swagbucks and Ysense are the highest paying and best survey sites. They pay $1 to $5 for a single survey. Average daily earning $1 to $10 dollars a day. You can increase your ysense and swagbucks earning by taking offers.

These survey site does not need any skill to take surveys. Just fill up surveys and get paid.

How much do online surveys pay?

For depending only one surveys you can not get much. Best way to get much money from survey is to signup with multiple survey sites. Average you can earn $5 to $10 dollars a day from multiple survey sites. Ysense is the best paying survey site with multiple payment options such as Skrill, PayPal and Gift Cards.

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