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    Rust Introduction

    At compile time Rust provide memory safety . It is used to development of operating system ,cryptocurrencies, bioinformatics, search engines, Internet of Things applications, machine learning ...etc. Rust dose not have garbage collector.

    What is Rust ?

    Rust is a system programming language and developed by Mozila. Rust is similar to c++. Rust is an open source software.

    Rust provides many libraries available through the Cargo package registry.

    Rust Features

  • Minimal Run-time
  • Built-in Package Manager
  • Safe Memory Allocation
  • Error Handling
  • Code Reusebility

  • Rust Create a Application(Hello World Example)

    Create Rust application by following command:

    C:\Users\Admin\helloworld>notepad helloworld.rs

    The above command creates an empty file helloworld.rs and opens it in NOTEpad.

    Then place below code in helloworld.rs file.

       println!("Hello World");

    Now open Windows Command Prompt ,change directory to project folder and run following command.

    rustc helloworld.rs

    After that a new file will created helloworld.exe

    .Run by following command



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