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    Rust String

    Rust devided string in two types: &str and String.

    Rust String(String Object)

    A string is encoded in a UTF-8 sequence. String object type is provided in Standard Library. A string is growable in size.It represent string values that are provided at runtime.

    Rust &str(String literal)

    &str is also known as a string slice. &str are set of characters, which are hardcoded into a variable.String literals are static by default.String literals are static duration of entire program.

    Rust &str Example

    fn main() {
       let s:&str = "Hello World";
       println!(" {} ",s);


    Rust Methods

    Get method Post method
    new() Creates a new empty String.
    to_string() Converts the given value to a String.
    replace() Replaces all matches of a pattern with another string.
    as_str() Extracts a string slice containing the entire string.
    push() Appends the given char to the end of this String.
    push_str() Appends a given string slice onto the end of this String.
    len() Returns the length of this String, in bytes.
    trim() Returns a string slice with leading and trailing whitespace removed.
    split_whitespace() Splits a string slice by whitespace and returns an iterator.
    split() Returns an iterator over substrings of this string slice, separated by characters matched by a pattern.
    chars() Returns an iterator over the chars of a string slice.

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