HTML <bdi> Tag

BDI stands for Bi-Directional Isolation.The tag isolates a part of text that might be formatted in a different direction from other text outside it.


<!DOCTYPE html>

In the example below, usernames are shown along with the number of points in a contest.
If the bdi element is not supported in the browser, the username of the Arabic user would confuse the text (the bidirectional algorithm would put the colon and the number "90" next to the word "User" rather than next to the word "points").

 <li>User <bdi>hrefs</bdi>: 60 points</li>
 <li>User <bdi>jdoe</bdi>: 80 points</li>
 <li>User <bdi>إ?ا?</bdi>: 90 points</li>


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